You never want to be a programmer to get started with MICROBIT!

What is microbit? It is an ARM- based embedded system introduced by BBC to use in computer education in schools in United Kingdom to encourage children to writing computer softwares. Microbit is just like a small circuit board which the dimension around 4cm × 5cm , consists of 25 red LEDs and also with 2... Continue Reading →

Is your Mobile phone really a Friend, or is it actually your Foe?

World isn't so far, it is on your fingertip. Nowadays mobile phone has become a part of human lives, many users own more than one. Mobile phones are low powered radio frequency transmitters ,operating at frequencies between 450 and 2700 MHz. We have long been led to believe that radio frequency is harmless because of... Continue Reading →

Sleep deprivation causes Brain damage

It is the condition of not having enough sleep. Sleep servers memory consolidation and muscle repair.In the sleep brain delete away all the unusual information and keeps the good stuff. Lack of sleep is too common to all nowadays because of their busy schedule.But remember the effect is much bad.It can cause fatigue, daytime sleepiness,... Continue Reading →

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